SSOP10 / SOP10
5.0 X 4.0 mm
1.00 mm pitch

SSOP10  5.0 X 4.0 mm 1.00 mm  ADAPTER

 - SMD / SMT package: 10 pin SSOP / SSOP10 / SOP10 5.0 x 4.0mm 1.00 mm pitch.
 - Adapter pcb board for breadboard prototyping.
 - PCB has a solder mask layer to minimise the formation of solder bridges during soldering.
 - For connectors with 0.1 inch pitch, not included.
 - This adapter has a proto area of 2 x 2 x 7 pads on the bottom copper layer.
 -The interconnection tracks between pads can be easily removed as required. 
 - A ground plane under the chip is available, with one pad connection.

Example of SSOP10 (5X4 with 1.00 mm pitch) package